Wednesday, September 10, 2014

a peek into my trailer // September 10, 2014

Well, it's been a pretty wet week here at the gypsy camp. I woke up one night last week to a flash flood warning on my phone, but I really didn't think anything of it. The next morning when I woke up I found my trailer completely surrounded by flowing water. The whole county had been drenched, and some parts flooded, but from the looks of it, my campsite got the worst of it. Other parts of the county have since dried, yet I'm still left wading through ankle deep water every time I set foot out my door. And, of course, it's currently raining. Ah well, the joys of campground life, eh? I will say that thank goodness my trailer has stayed nice and dry inside!

Since it's a bit wet to be playing around outdoors for pictures, I thought I'd share some more photos of my trailer. I LOVE how it's turning out in here. It may be small, but it's cheery and cozy as anything. (As per usual, you can see many, many more trailer decor photos on my Instagram!)

Aaaand, one last thing. I have been getting some questions about many things trailer related and I want to answer them all in one post (I'm thinking of dusting off my video camera and maybe making a vlog!). So, if there is anything you'd like to know about any aspect of trailer life, let me know in the comments below, and I'll be happy to answer them in my upcoming post! XO

Thursday, September 4, 2014

meet Lenore

This tiny gray kitty is the newest member of the gypsy camp. I adopted her from the shelter a few weeks ago, and I'm so glad I did! I named her 'Lenore' after a work by one of my favorite writers, and I think it suits her splendidly.  She's just the sweetest little thing. I know what you're probably thinking - even having one cat in a trailer seems crazy, but two?! Well, yeah, it's a little crazy. But Luna has taken so well to living in my trailer that I don't think it's that strange anymore. I wanted to get a new cat mostly as a companion for Luna, but I think we all benefit from it, especially Lenore, who gets a good home with people who love her.

I knew going into it that the kitties wouldn't get along at first, especially since they're both female. I kept them in separate rooms for the first few days, as was advised by the folks at the shelter. When they were able to wander freely there was a lot of hissing and demonic growling, but this week it finally seems like it's all water under the bridge. They are starting to become friends! It just melts my heart when I see them touching noses or grooming each other. If you want to see more of the kitties, there's always plenty of photos on my Instagram

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

embracing individuality

I am beautiful. All of me. My smile is beautiful. The dimple in my chin is beautiful. My legs are beautiful. My wild curls are beautiful. My eyes are beautiful. All of me is beautiful. Being able to write or say those things and actually mean them isn't something I was always able to do. It's taken years to be able to get to a place where I am comfortable with myself and in my own skin, but I'm finally here and it feels wonderful.

It wasn't until I was in sixth grade that I really started to be aware of my body and how it compared to others. I remember one of my "friends" scoffing at me when I wore a pair of shorts to school one day. I was so confused as to why anyone would care. It was hot out and the shorts were comfortable. I wasn't wearing them to look a certain way. Looking back now I realize it was because that girl was already insecure about her body. At the age of twelve she was already telling herself that she wouldn't look good in shorts, and she was somehow jealous that I was confident enough to do so. In elementary school I had someone tell me that my hair felt like "horse hair." I was made fun of all the time in middle school for having small breasts. In high school someone asked me if I was ever going to have surgery to remove the birthmark on my ankle.
I didn't come from a home where looks were judged at all. My parents always told me I was beautiful (and smart) no matter what I wore, how I did my hair, ect. It was strange to me to have people make fun of my for things I had no control over. According to my mom, when my dad first saw me after I was born, the first thing he said was that I had my mom's chin dimple. I love that story. But in high school, people made fun of my "butt chin." My birthmark went from "special" and "unique" to something I should have corrected. My slim athletic body wasn't womanly enough. My light skin went from "fair" to "pale" and "sickly."

The first magazine I ever had a subscription to was Cat Fancy. It came in the mail to me for years. Then I bought my first issue of YM. Then an issue of Seventeen. Slowly the cat magazines were phased out and were replace by the the sweet smelling brightly colored magazines for women. By the end of high school I had a subscription to Teen Vogue, Glamour, Elle, Cosmo Girl, and Seventeen. So THESE were the girls that everyone expected me to look like? Suddenly I felt quite inadequate. No matter how many products I slathered on my hair it never looked like the girls on those covers. When I went bra shopping I bought bras that were way too big for me to give the impression I had something bigger than A's in my shirt. I was always very athletic, and I was a member of the volleyball, basketball, and track teams. But suddenly my strong muscular thighs were seen as "fat."

I used to want to save all my copies of those magazines so I could go back and peruse them, or so that my future daughters could go look back. But those stacks were taken to the thrift store long ago. I want my daughters looking up to REAL women, not the ones airbrushed and photoshopped in magazines.

I'm thankful I've found blogs like The Clothes Horse, The Dainty Squid, and Delightfully Tacky. Blogs like these promote the idea that all women are beautiful. You don't have to look like the people in the magazines to be beautiful. You don't have to buy clothes from the mall to look cool. You don't have to slather yourself with the products advertised on their pages to be clean and acne free. It's ok to be different. It's ok to look different and to like different things. Reading blogs like these have helped show me that confidence in who you are is the best thing you can have. Being a unique individual makes you interesting. 

I still have small boobs. My thighs aren't as muscular as they once were, but they're definitely not skinny. My hair is unruly as ever. Oh, and my birthmark's still here, too. (No, I never did have plans to remove it, and I never will.) And I'm ok with these things. More than ok. I LOVE the things that make me ME. This is ME and no one else will ever be exactly the same. I dress up and take pictures of myself. I live in a trailer. I love exploring cemeteries. I collect bones. I like to read. I make my own beauty products. I love who I am. I'm sad that I didn't always feel this way. I wish I could go back and tell that fourteen year old girl that she was beautiful. That her hair was naturally curly and she didn't have to try to smooth it out every day. That she should be proud of her slim and toned body. That the rest of life wouldn't be like high school. People wouldn't always be so cruel. I hope that I can be the same voice of reason for other girls and women. You are beautiful. Gorgeous. Smart. Embrace what makes you special.

Monday, August 25, 2014

wearing: leather vest and a black maxi

Thrift stores are great. (But you already knew that.) I love the potential. I love the one-of-a-kind finds. I love the feeling of finding something I've been wanting for a long time, or something great with the tags still attached. This vest was one of those finds where I really couldn't believe it hadn't been snapped up already when I pulled it off of the rack. It's a hand made (and homemade from the looks of it) leather vest. Usually vests at the thrift store are way too big in the body for me, but it's like this one fits like it was made with my measurements in mind. Oh, and it was only seven bucks.
maxi skirt - thrifted // homemade leather vest - thrifted // hat - H&M // leather jewelry - DIY'd ; vintage jewelry - thrifted

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

misty mornings

kimono - Trails End Clothing, FIsh Creek // deer antler necklace - DIY'd // bracelets - DIY'd

Saturday, August 9, 2014

recycled leather scrap jewelry inspiration

The other day I bought a bag of scrap leather from a local shop, and boy, have I been having so much fun making things! I totally love the aesthetic that a wristful of worn leather creates, and when I added a few cowrie shells, I was definitely digging the beachy boho vibes. Simple stacking bracelets, fringe necklaces, headbands, all the things. I'm sure my creations will be making more appearances here soon!
shirt - thrifted // shell braclet - Star Gazer, Fish Cree // leather bracelets - DIY'd // necklaces - DIY'd

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

rainy day gypsy

A quiet rain is pitter-pattering down on the roof of my trailer, and the delicious scent of wet earth hangs in the air. Luna curls herself onto my lap as I lay a spread with my Klimpt Tarot cards. Soup simmers atop the tiny stove. All is well.
sheer kimono/shawl - thrifted // skirt - thrifted // Minnetonka hat - thrifted // spoon ring - craft fair

Sunday, July 20, 2014

a peek into my trailer

Well folks, I moved into a trailer. Yup, a camper, rv, mobile home, whatever you want to call it. After dealing with landlord craziness and Luna's accident, we decided that for financial and mental health reasons we needed a change. And that change came in the form of a 70's Yellowstone Camper. It's been a few weeks, but I'm already in love. I'm not surprised. I loved traveling and living out of my van, so it makes sense that living more permanently out of a trailer would appeal to me. I'm slowly getting used to the campground life, and basically, I never want to leave. Obviously we won't be able to live out of a trailer in Wisconsin through the winter, but we're discussing potential winter destinations (eep!) and keeping our options open. 

I'm definitely going to be sharing more photos, I was just excited to finally be able to post these few. I've been working every day and mostly double shifts, so there's still some things to be done around the site, but it's slowly coming along. I borrowed some blankets and pillows from my van to decorate and it's amazing how much those little changes made me feel so much more at home. All the items in the photos are things I've thrifted. (You can see more of the trailer, decor, and campground life on my Instagram!)

Luna is quite at home in the trailer. She loves looking out all the windows and running back and forth from the bed to the futon. I put her on a harness and leash and take her out for walks almost every day so she can get some fresh air (I use the term "walk" lightly. Mostly we go outside and Luna flops over and refuses to move, or thinks I'm offering her a kitty salad bar and chews on all the greens). We installed an AC unit to make sure she'd be comfortable on hot days, but to our delight the weather has been super pleasant and we haven't had to run it at all! The best part about the trailer is that if we do decide to move for the winter, it will be easy to take kitty along with us, not worry about finding cat sitters or cat friendly housing. (Oh, and Luna is recovering splendidly! Thank you all for asking after her! It's almost as if she were never hurt at all, save for the funny shaved spots she is still sporting from her procedures.)

Campground life is delightful. Even though our trailer is equipped with a full bathroom - toilet, shower, tub, sink - I think it's kind of refreshing to just walk to the common building for teeth brushing and showering. It's a nice short little walk and then I don't have to clean the shower - win, win! And the people I've met here are just so nice! I wish I'd considered buying a trailer sooner - this really is the best. Ugh, I could go on and on, but I'll save some for when I have more photos.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

spell of the gypsy witch

vintage velvet skirt - thrifted // top DIY'd // vintage sheer kimono - thrifted //
 vintage fringe shawl - thrifted // both flower crowns - DIY'd // jewelry - thrifted //
 hinged knuckle ring - Target (old) // vintage chiffon scarf - thrifted // floppy hat - H&M (old)

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

wearing // DIY kimono and a crescent moon tank

I've had kimonos on the mind as of late (I even wore one in my last post!). They're so effortlessly chic and they add so much to simple outfits, how can one not be enamored with them? Anyways, I've been searching for one that would fit into my preferred price range with no luck. Then I started keeping an eye out at thrift stores for something I could DIY into a kimono type thingy (and was inspired along the way by the wonderful Marlen of Messages on a Napkin - check out her sweet DIY kimono here!). Then, last week, on a run through of my local thrift store I found it - the perfect dress. There was no tag, but the thrift store tag had labeled it a size 4X, and I'm pretty sure that it's 100% rayon. Plus it's black, hey-o. I immediately knew that I had stumbled upon the perfect DIY opportunity. So for $3 I brought home this large shapeless black dress. I cut it straight down the front and, voila! That's it. I didn't hem it at all (partly because my sewing machine is currently in storage, and also partly because I'm lazy), though I might add some beads, lace, or fringe later on, I still haven't decided. Honestly, the unfinished look is right up my alley. I absolutely LOVE how it turned out - perhaps it is one of my favorite things I've DIY'd ever?! The color, fabric, and length are just perfect, and I adore how wonderfully witchy it is.

So if you are in the market for an awesome kimono and can't afford one, or would rather just make one like mine, listen up! These are my tips. Thrift a dress that is a few sizes bigger than your dress size (again, my dress was a XXXXL), and this will ensure your kimono drapes nicely while you're wearing it. Also, pay attention to the fabric! You don't want to pick a dress fabric that's too thick because it won't drape well. In my opinion, rayon, silk, or a very light polyester are the perfect kimono fabrics. Lastly, pick a dress that doesn't have a lot of structure - big and shapeless is ideal. Essentially, a big square with arm holes. Cut your dress down the middle (or pick a dress that is all of the aforementioned things that has a button down front and just unbutton the buttons!) and hem it with a sewing machine or by hand (or leave it raw, like I did). Then wear it and bask in the compliments.
pants, wool hat, jewelry - trifted // crescent moon shirt - DIY'd // kimono - DIY'd // Jessica Simpson Dany platforms - eBay
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