Tuesday, July 21, 2009

a green skirt

This is what I wore to my boyfriend's tonight...we made sketchy chicken sanwiches and watched What Women Want (hehheh).

I got this skirt from work (the thrift store) - it's handmade and was donated with a bunch of other skirts made from the same skirt pattern with different fabrics (I snatched them all up). They're lovely, and they also make great dresses when they're pulled up above the bust!

Okay, I'm doing a poll to see if I should publish larger pictures in my outfit posts. I like that the bigger pics show more detail without having to click on them, but then I'm afraid that they'll take a long time to load on some people's computers...soooooo...my lovely readers, the choice is yours, take the poll to the right. Gras!


Nadine said...

Your skirt is really pretty and I love the little bag :).

Gisela said...

cut skirt and the belt bag is great too! i like big pics, more to see!

Grace said...

I love this look!

Love Grace.

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