Sunday, November 4, 2012

Big White and Little Black

She follows him like a little black shadow.
He takes her out at midnight.
They prowl the woods.
He turns from time to time to make sure she is there.
And she is.
She is learning.
She is no longer timid.
She will soon be a lady of the night.


seacreatures said...

I love this!
I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW BIG LUNA ISSSS!!!!! I won't even recognize her when i come to visit next!!!!
maceo looks so handsome!

and that flower crown my dear, is probably my favorite.
indy, you are fabulous


MissKate said...

such pretty kitties

EstelleFashion said...

Nice look ;)

Have a good night ;)

Teddi said...

did you write this? i like reading others poetry. :)

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